In chapter one, Maddie Chicken’s Out from skipping school to avoid the puberty test and from having to reveal her first acne break out. Watching Netflix, junking out on Glamma bread, eating ice cream, and letting Mount St. Helen settle down for a day seems enticing. Do you think she made the right choice or did it just happen so fast that she didn’t realize her choice was made by following her daily routine until it was too late? What would you have done?

Do you wish you had an Anonymous Question Box where you could put questions about life and someone would answer them for you without knowing you were asking them? What are some of the questions you would ask?

In the Lying Non-Perioder chapter, Maddie struggles with, “Integrity= doing what is right, even when it’s hard,” when confronted with an uncomfortable question in front of her peers. Do you feel she did the right thing by first answering with “Yes,” followed by correcting it to a “No?” Describe a time when you experienced something similar regarding integrity.

What was your favorite Project Schmodject lesson in chapter four? Why? What is something new you learned regarding nutrition, grooming, exercise, acne, or about friendship through the class presentations?

Why does Maddie decide to keep the cotton ball that Chet gave her when she was supposed to say something kind or perform a kind deed to someone else and pass it on? Why did she break the rules?

In Late Bloomer Maddie dreaded asking her mom about when she had her first period. Do you or have you dreaded having conversations with your parents about topics like these? What would make it easier?

In the Bra Fitting chapter, Maddie feels anxious about watching for signs of her period and having to go through purchasing her first bra. Do you or have you felt anxious about your period or having to experience new things in unchartered territory? What are some things you can do to relieve feeling nervous?

In chapter seven, Mrs. Watson states, “Knowledge comes from understanding the facts about puberty, but my friends, wisdom comes from experience, and intelligence is having the ability to adjust to the changes involved with the experience or in this case, puberty.” What would you have written on the paper and handed into Mrs. Watson?

Glamma loves life and is “original” as Maddie describes her. Do you have someone in your life like Glamma who keeps things light-hearted and is a rock in your life? Do you have someone to talk to if you need them? Who is that and how does that feel to have a confidant if you need one? If you don’t feel like you have a person that you can turn to, consider reaching out to your parents, teachers, school nurse, or school counselor and ask for help with this. They are all there to help and like Maddie said, “Not exactly an easy step, but worth the leap.”

Are there times when your parents are cool one minute and the next minute you think they are trying to “make your life difficult,” as Maddie experienced? Do you think they are truly trying to make your life difficult or are there things you may not understand at the moment and they have experience to better guide you?

In chapter ten, Maddie catches herself thinking the worst about Mia, Brianna, and Lily when she was in line waiting for her food order at Potbelly’s at the mall. The girls were trying to figure out how to approach her and the Unannounced Friend situation without embarrassing Maddie. Tell about a time where you caught yourself thinking the worst, when actually it wasn’t like that at all.

Maddie’s mom shares an intimate story about her puberty years with Maddie at the food court. Have you asked your parents about their puberty experience? Do you want to know? Why or why not?

List one or two things that you learned from Mrs. Watson’s life lesson email.

If you were to add to the Maddie-ism list, what would it say?

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